Company Introduction
Tianjin FAW XIALI Automobile Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of economy passenger cars controlled by China FAW Group. It is a listed company engaging in automobile manufacturing, engine and transmission production, sales and research & development.

Tianjin FAW employs 13 thousand staff, covers an area of 1.33 million square meters, and the construction area is 0.95 million square meters. The total assets reaches 9.16 billion RMB. Main products are self developed brand Xiali and Vita series cars, CA4GA1 and 3GA2 engines, 5T063 ,5T065 and AMT transmissions. The annual production capacity is 400,000 units.

The company has a complete manufacturing system including four processings, engine and transmission, etc. Our technical center,formerly known as Tianjin Automobile Research Institution, with more than 400 professional R&D staff, has the capability of developing the economy cars. The company has a complete sales and marketing service system with a team of 400 members. Overseas Business Department was established in 2007, with more than 70 staff who are specialized in overseas issues. The company now has 11 staff with doctor degree, 114 staff with master degree, 1379 staff with bachelor degree, 2009 staff with middle or senior technical titles, about 18% of the whole staff.

By the end of December 2011, the market possession of the company’s products exceeded 2.4 million units, keep a leading position in China economy car market.