In 1986
Tianjin FAW (former Tianjin Mini-car Plant) imported the technology from DAIHATSU of Japan and became the earliest economy car manufacturer in China.
In 1999
Tianjin FAW became a listed company.
In 2000
A joint venture was founded by Tianjin FAW and Toyota in China.
In 2002
Tianjin FAW were restructured with China FAW Group.
In 2006
Automobile R&D Institute of Tianjin FAW founded in 1978 developed into a state-level R&D center.
In 2006
Tianjin FAW was awarded the first group of “National Automotive Export Base Enterprise” by Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission.
In 2008
The new base for 400,000.units of power assembly was completed.
In January 2011
The third factory started operation, and the annual production capacity of Tianjin FAW reached 400,000 units.