Product Description
Interior Trimming
Product Parameter
V5 is an economy car developed by Tianjin FAW under the self-developing strategy,and is an energy-saving, safe and intelligent type of car. This model meet the current market trend.


The design originates from “Flying Hawk” in the view of Chinese people on aesthetics. The appearance is concise, graceful and streamlined, which makes the overall design lively, aggressive and dynamic. The design meets the family and commercial vehicles requirements.

Follow the logo design of “Flying Hawk” and adopt the cabin type of integrated interior design. The titanium silver strip is extended to both doors from instrument desk.
Instruments with ice-blue back light and interior in deep color looks dynamic and fashionable. The interior looks very aggressive and dynamic in concert with the brand-new appearance.

Power & Control

V5 is equipped with 1.5L high-performance engine, employing the cutting-edge technology of VCT-i intelligent variable cam timing, thus enjoying very good accelerating capacity. Wonderful driving experience is perfectly guaranteed by the well-developed Toyota model platform and electric power assisted steering program.


Not only does safety imply passive protection, but also active prevention. V5 employs state-of-the-art safety technology and configuration, including TPMS, BOS and ISO-FIX child seat fixer, making it a leader of safety configuration technology for economy cars in China.


The size of body reaches the standard of A-level Car, thus making passengers more comfortable. V5 can play MP3 and CD, the interior materials are friendly to the environment, luminance of instruments is adjustable; V5 is really considerate to you.