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Xiali N5 ,made by Tianjin FAW, is a newly designed car melting with international advanced technology. It represents five innovations and sales points,New elegant style, New advanced power, New humanism trim, New delicate operational chassis and New high standard safety body. So we call it a worth respecting classical car .


Xiali N5 show us European style and steady meaning, integrated with beautiful Chinese element,satisfied with the needs of mature people.
This model fully interprets neatness, elegant quality and vividness,highlighting toughness, taste of mature taste, and implying the classic.


Xiali N5 uses VCT-i which is international cutting-edge technology with high power, high-torque characteristics. VCT-i technology optimize valve timing by adjusting the camshaft angle, thereby increasing power, fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions at all the engine speed range, especially at low speeds to provide greater torque.
Xiali N5 adopt silent chain drive technology, with leading technology. The parts last longer, reducing users’ maintenance costs, enhancing the model’s performance - to - price ratio


The interior of Xiali N5 embodies the humane care fully, making your drive comfortable and convenient. Interior adopts environmentally friendly fire-retardant, recycled polymer resin material, radio + SD Card player audio systems, larger knobs, push-buttons, four-speakers audio system. SD-card technology brings a new feeling of life to you. Dashboard with anti-reflection design reduces visual fatigue and increases driving safety.

New chassis accurately controlled

Xiali N5 suspension systems and EPS fit the standard of mid-size car, bringing perfect handling. It possesses the smallest turning radius among similar models, making driving much more agile.

New high standard safe body

In the car body structure, the B pillar is the most crucial. Xiali N5,with its 120mm thickness, which is the thickest among the vehicles of the same segment, plus its high tensile steel panel(Max.590Mpa), built-in positioned integrated side panel,2 inner high rigidity(Max.1500Mpa) anti-collision steel frame for 4 doors, provide the car with a high standard safety security.