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N7 is a newly designed model developed by Tianjin FAW to satisfy the multiple requirements of young users and modern families thanks to its extraordinary design style,fuel-efficient power system and industry-leading intelligent equipment.

N7 employs many athletic and fashionable elements which successfully make the appearance dynamic and imposing. The nosewing extends from the engine hood to Pillar A which makes up the impressive frontface together with diamond-like headlamp and cob-webbing front grille. The side of the body employs double waistline which is concise,fluent and streamlined. The lines and curved surface of the trunk hood run smoothly in concert with the rear bumper.

The interior of N7 employs many aviation elements: the instrument board is designed in a cascade style; the steering wheel is made multi-function; the traveling information center monitors the status of the car on a real-time basis; the digital recreation center is shaped like a Transformer very pleasing due to the background of blue backlight.

N7 is equipped with a 1.3L CA4GA1 engine resulting from world cutting-edge technologies e.g. VCT-i intelligent variable timing and 8mm- crankshaft offset which is characteristic of high performance,large torque and low fuel consumption. Its excellent quality and properties have been verified by users and received favorable reputation from users.

In terms of safety,N7 boasts some items of innovation. It employs some intelligent active safety devices in standard configuration which include besides ABS+EBD,tire pressure monitor system (TPMS),brake override system (BOS), headlamp-height adjustable device and non-tied safety belt reminder.

N7 can come to be a technological example on the account of new design, reliable quality, modest price and excellent fuel efficiency with the ideas of classics, trust and inheritance.